Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

best home decoration designs inspirations

House is the most visited place in our lives because it has been our place to take a rest, throw away the burdens, and meet the family. Instead of looks like a restore place for clutter, this is a challenge for us to make our home very comfortable and also good looking. Therefore, home decor does play an important role in adding some stylish flair to our house. However, when we get stuck in finding the perfect home decor which is suitable with our taste, then getting some handmade home decor is a great choice. There are some handmade home decor we can try since they are very easy to make, by crochet and decoupage.

The first handmade home decor is crocheted house items. These crocheted items are very suitable in adding warm atmosphere in any rooms. One of the crocheted things we can make by our own is crocheted flowers. When putting any real flowers is too main stream, perhaps displaying some crocheted flowers is not a bad idea. Especially, when the colors of the flowers are not matched with our room design, these crocheted flowers can be made according to our taste and favorite colors so they can be designed to match with our home decor design. This is why some people think that crocheted flowers are the ultimate decoration since it can add some stylish touch to our accessories, such as bag or hat. All of those crocheted flowers must be beautiful to display on any tables in any rooms. Not only flowers, there are some other crocheted home décor we can use. For bedroom and living room, we can put some pillows covered by crocheted pillow cover to add the lovely mood. For the bathroom, we can try making a crocheted rug inside to add some colors in it. And for the kitchen, in order to add some more cute items, we can display some crocheted basket and pot holders. Not only add warm and beauty atmosphere, but these crocheted pot holders and cup cozies are so helpful for our children to prevent them from any water heat.

The next handmade home decor idea is decoupage home decor. It has been always a brilliant idea to create any decoupage things to display in our lovely house. Only by using some used colored papers, some paints, and glue, we can create a very stylish yet unique home décor. These decoupage house items can be the perfect solution for those who cannot find the perfect home decoration which its colors or patterns do not match with our home decor design. For instance, we can use some Lokta papers to cover our wine bottles and we can get decoupage wine bottles as the result. These decoupage wine bottles are very stylish home décor to display as we can make it as unique as we can. Some other house items which can be transformed into stylish decoupage home decor are coat hook rack, stool, box table lamp, and even doors.